Understanding, Strengths and Weaknesses of Google Chrome

Understanding, Strengths and Weaknesses of Google Chrome

Santosolusi.com – The increasing need for information has made many people depend on various kinds of internet browsers, but of course, as an internet platform user, you have to be smart in distinguishing which browsers are safe to browse from and which have sources of dangerous viruses for smartphones.

Definition of Google Chrome

One of the most popular browser explorers in the world is a product from Google called Chrome. Google Chrome is a web browser released 14 years ago (2008) that operates on the Microsoft Windows system until it develops so that it can be accessed by various technological systems, one of which is on Android itself.

Various browser search engines certainly do not escape from these two aspects, which have advantages and disadvantages. Santosolusi.com will review a little about these two aspects of Google’s browser engine (Google Chrome) based on the title of this article Understanding, Strengths and Weaknesses of Google Chrome.

Advantages of Google Chrome

1. Security

In terms of browser security, there is no doubt, you will not access websites or links that contain dangerous malware viruses. why? Because Google Chrome automatically notifies that “the site you are accessing is not secure” Besides that, there is also a padlock image in the Chrome search column. When the site does not display a padlock image, the site you are accessing is not secure, so there is a prohibition on sharing important identities with the websites you visit.

In addition, there is a feature that can be used to hide search history, cookies, or automatic forms, namely incognito mode.

2. Full Features

Google Chrome also completes various features that can be used for FREE even this feature directly helps users access this type of browser.

First, as previously stated, you can activate incognito mode to hide your search history. Of course this feature helps our confidentiality when using a friend’s cellphone device.

Second, Google Chrome also provides a language/translate feature to make it easier for readers to read articles in English and other languages ​​without translating one by one. The article text will be automatically translated into the desired language.

Third, this feature is very helpful for those of you who are lazy/tired of typing because Google Chrome provides a “Voice Search” feature. All you have to do is click the microphone image, then the Chrome system will automatically record what you say.

Fourth, you can change the article text font size to 2X larger than Chrome’s standard font size. So this feature is very useful for all circles of society. How to enable: go to settings

Fifth, you can also try other features not explained above, friends, starting from the chrome theme and other features.

3. Performance

Based on Google Chrome’s experience, the performance is indeed very fast, even when you type, this browser will quickly provide references, suggestions for many livelihood topics that are accessed by gadget users. It is also justified from various reliable sources that the speed/performance of Google Chrome is faster than other search engines.

4. Operations Support System

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world and the last advantage that we convey is that the chrome support system is wide-reaching, such as on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android and iOS mobile devices.

Disadvantages of Google Chrome


In terms of appearance, Google Chrome provides a clean appearance, indicating that there are ad impressions. But the last few months are in part “home page” Chrome already displays a floating banner ad and sometimes every time you close the web you visit there is an ad. This includes Google Chrome’s shortcomings but doesn’t bother users too much.

2. Wasteful Internet Quota

Various reliable sources of information claim that Google Chrome saves internet quota compared to other types of browsers. However, in terms of experience for the santosolusi.com version, it turns out that Google Chrome doesn’t save internet quota at all. This depends on the number of articles we read every day.

why? Each article has ad impressions whose capacity is quite heavy, sometimes even in one article there are 3 to 5 ad impressions. So this is where the quota will be sucked up too much. Maybe this is one of the shortcomings of the santosolution version of Google Chrome.

3. Memory Storage

Google Chrome is quite wasteful in terms of memory storage because there are too many history files/trash files, so Chrome’s performance will be affected by the type of gadget you use. However, you don’t need to worry about an alternative method that you can use when RAM memory is limited, namely by clearing the history trash in the settings so that the Chrome application returns as new again.


Every web browser is certainly inseparable from the advantages and disadvantages that we have mentioned before, that’s some of the information science that we mentioned from the title Understanding, Strengths and Weaknesses of Google Chrome. Hope this helps and don’t forget to read other santosolusi.com articles.

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