Tips for Anti-Broken Facebook Accounts Even If You Know the Password!

Tips for Anti-Broken Facebook Accounts Even If You Know the Password! – Breaking into social media accounts is not commonplace for society. In fact, every day there are always criminals/perpetrators of burglary trying to hack social media accounts, applications, websites, technology to corporate networks. Therefore it is very important to immediately secure your account before you are the next victim.

Facebook is a popular social media application in the world, and based on meta data, there are 2.93 billion active Facebook users/month in the second quarter/2022. We also never stop finding facebook accounts that are broken into. Is Facebook’s security weak?

This Facebook Meta company has been around for a long time which always updates the application system in stages so that there is no flaw for hackers. Even so, why until now are there still so many user accounts that have been missed?

The Facebook security features provided are safe enough from burglary. The cause of your account being successfully hacked may be from your own negligence.

Why social media accounts are easy to break into

1. Weak Password

Every social network application such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, line and other applications has given a warning to use a password based on the recommendations provided. Example: combine capital letters, lowercase letters, and certain symbols. Due to negligence and ignorance, many make passwords from their own names, parents’ names and common sentences. This kind of security will be easily broken by hackers.

2. Fake Site Login

The most common place for this to occur is on a Facebook account. Many unknown Facebook friends send a link to a website with a certain lure. The mode is to display a page for Facebook login. When the victim doesn’t look carefully at the web page and joins, then your Facebook account data has been successfully broken into.

In general, so that accounts are not easily broken into, it is recommended to use hard-to-guess passwords and hide important account data on social media, for example, email and telephone numbers. But it turns out that capitalizing on these tips feels insecure, you need extra security.

Exactly will provide tips on how to secure a Facebook account that is not broken even though the password and email are known to the perpetrator. How come?

How to Secure Facebook Account

Two Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is a layered security tool or method that allows you to be the only person who can access the account. The benefits are of course very clear that even if the hacker finds your account login data. The perpetrator will not be able to enter/login before passing this extra security stage.

What is this extra security like? Facebook Meta set up 2 Account security Authentication Methods which are on the facebook application settings page.

1. Authentication Application

Facebook recommends using this method to secure accounts. This authentication app is available on playstore free to use. How to use it is very easy. All you have to do is download an authentication application, for example, Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile, then connect the Facebook account you want to secure.

This authentication application will automatically display a unique code. This code will always change every time you log in. Facebook also recommends using this first tip based on the Meta application.

2. Text Messaging (SMS)

Second, Facebook provides a two-factor authentication system in the form of text messages. This means that facebook security will connect your phone number. Then every time you log in you will receive an SMS in the form of a verification code that will be entered. So even though the password has been entered but without this code it will be impossible to break into.

Step Enable Two-Factor Authentication

1. Login to Facebook Lite/Low Base HP.

2. Click the three lines in the upper right corner.

3. Select the settings menu

4. Click security and login

5. Then select Use two-factor authentication

6. Finally, please choose one of the methods provided by Facebook. If you want to use the recommended one then choose the Authentication Application method.


These are the tips so that your Facebook account cannot be hacked/broken even though the perpetrator knows your social media account password. But with a note, when you prefer the SMS method you have to keep the phone number from being lost or the active period is forfeited so you can still log in.

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