Learn to Calculate Postpaid Monthly Electricity Costs

Learn to Calculate Postpaid Monthly Electricity Costs
Santosolution.com – There is nothing wrong with learning to know the detailed cost of electricity usage in a month. Why? Due to the fact that you have never been surprised, the electricity token payment that you pay is very different from the previous month or even vice versa.

The point is that the size of the electricity payment depends on the level of use of household electronic devices that you use every day. In fact, many opinions are spread by suspecting that PLN is adding unreasonable fees, even though it is wrong, friends.

Therefore, Santosolution invites you to learn how to calculate the cost of electricity usage so that the next day you can decide whether to save or spend money.

How to Calculate Electricity Cost

1. You have to know first that the type of electricity you are using is subsidy or is it in the capable category? Because each group will be charged a different perkWh fee. So the important thing that you must know first is which group you belong to.

2. Make a detailed record of all your household appliances that require electricity. We take some examples below so that you can learn to calculate your electricity costs!

1. 3 lamps with an electric power of 15 watts each.

Estimated: on average 8 hours a day (3 X 15 X 8 = 360 watts)

2. 1 TV with 50 watts of power

Estimation: the average usage is 7 hours a day (50 X 7 = 350 watts)

3. 1 iron with 300 watts of power

Estimation: the average use of 1 hour a day then (300 X 1 = 300 watts)

4. 1 Rice Cooker with 300 watts electric power

Estimation: the average usage is 5 hours a day then (300 X 5 = 1500 watts)

3. Finally, we will calculate all daily usage like the example above that we have made. Based on the calculation results above, then: 360 watts + 350 watts + 300 watts + 1500 watts = 2,510 watts

The next step is from the watt unit to be converted into kWh (kilowatt-hour), the method is very easy, all you have to do is share 1000 of the results from the example above. So from 2,510 watts: 1000 = 2.51 kWh.

Finally, after you know the type/class of electricity you are using, just multiply it. For example, if you use the 450 VA subsidy group, you will be charged Rp. 415/kWh. So for the use of 2.51 kWh X Rp. 415 = Rp. 1,041.65 per day.

So if you want to know the estimated monthly electricity payment, you only have 30 days left. So Rp. 1,041.65 X 30 = Rp. 31,249.5 /month.

How very easy is it not to calculate the cost of postpaid electricity payments? So don’t worry anymore to always trust outside opinions because PLN also uses the formula as above. What if you use the 900 VA subsidy group? Of course the fees charged are also different. So according to the first step, first know the electricity group and the fees charged, friend!


That’s how to calculate postpaid electricity costs complete with the examples we provide. Hopefully this knowledge can add insight for you and of course can overcome the problem of the size of the cost of paying PLN electricity.

Don’t forget to also read here in full to find out or learn to calculate the purchase of electricity tokens for the type of prepaid PLN which is similar to the telephone credit top-up scheme.

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