How to Calculate the Purchase of PLN Electricity Voucher Tokens

How to Calculate the Purchase of PLN Electricity Voucher Tokens

Prepaid electricity is electricity that is purchased like filling up credit on a mobile phone, meaning that electricity can be used if it has been filled with a voucher. The advantage we get when using prepaid electricity is that we don’t have to wait for payments every month (postpaid).

How to Calculate Purchase of Electricity Token

1. Bank Admin

Every purchase of electricity tokens, of course there is an admin fee that you have to pay after buying the electricity token. The average admin fee is Rp. 3000

2. PPJ

What’s that? PPJ is an abbreviation of the Street Lighting Tax which you must pay based on the domicile of your residence. For example, in the Jakarta area, the tax is 3%

4. Stamp Fee

This stamp fee will be charged when you buy a voucher or electricity token >Rp.250,000. So if you buy tokens under 250 thousand then it’s free or free, friend!

5. VAT

This VAT or value added tax will also be charged when your electric power or your electricity class is >3500 VA. So if your electric power is below that number then this is also free, friend!

6. TDL

Finally, you pay the TDL (Basic Electricity Tariff) depending on what type of electricity you use. For example, if you use a 900 VA electricity class, the fee you have to pay is Rp. 1,352/kWh.

Now we will learn to calculate the purchase of electricity tokens so that you don’t misunderstand again, friend, because many ordinary people buy 200 thousand electricity tokens but how come they don’t get 200kWh? Therefore, let’s see below.

Problems example

The type of electricity you use is 900 VA who lives in the Jakarta area with a top-up voucher of 200 thousand. How many kWh will you get?


1. From Rp. 200,000 you will be charged an admin fee of Rp. 3000 so that what is left now is as much as Rp. 197,000

2. Then, because your location is in the Jakarta area, the amount of PPJ you have to pay is 3%. [ Rp. 197.000 X 3% = Rp. 5.910 ] So what is left now is Rp. 197,000 – Rp. 5.910 = Rp. 191,090.

3. Because your token purchase is not more than 250 thousand and the electricity is not included in the 3500 VA category, the VAT and stamp duty are not paid. So the total is now Rp. 191.090

4. Finally, because you use the 900 VA electricity class, the perkWh fee you have to pay is Rp. 1,352. So Rp. 191.090/Rp. 1,352 = 141 kWh

So the total you will get from purchasing electricity tokens is Rp. 200,000 is as much as 141 kWh. how many days approximately use of 141kWh? it depends on the usage and the electric power you use, bro, because the previous article has explained.

Advantages of Prepaid Electricity

1. Electricity consumption is more controlled.

2. Purchase according to ability.

3. There is no active limit as long as the kWh is still there.


That’s how to calculate the electricity voucher purchase token version of Santosolution. Hopefully this article can be useful and please learn to calculate your own purchases, which of course is based on the 6 important points above. Thank you!

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