Beware, 3 Disadvantages of Downloading the Mod Apk!

Beware, 3 Disadvantages of Downloading the Mod Apk! – Is it a Mod App? Apk Mod is a pirated application or a modified original application (mod) with various specific interests.

Many paid applications or games are now distributed for free, for example the Kinemaster and Minecraft applications, which are indeed quite a lot of fans. This application is free to download but to use its premium features you must pay/subscribe while Minecraft must be purchased before use.

But because there are already people / third parties who can modify the application so that even the paid ones can be free. So for Gadget users, they certainly feel helped by the person who managed to modify it.

Do you know whether the modified application/game is proven safe for your gadget? The original goods at any time can be detrimental especially the results of pirated / Modif. Therefore santosolution will summarize some of the disadvantages when using third-party modified applications.

1. Beware of Virus

Surely many of us are still new to technology programming, can we know the quality and safety of modified official applications? A lot of information states that pirated applications are vulnerable to viruses that can damage their own devices, and what’s worse is that we users are at a loss without anyone being held responsible.

Not only that, do you know the maker of the mod application? What if they intentionally insert malware/viruses to damage our device systems or even make tools to steal important user data.

Finally, in addition to viruses and malware, modifiers can also automatically insert a lot of ads so that’s where they make profits and we are the ones who are harmed. Why? Advertisements that run can drain a lot of internet quota, especially if the ads appear repeatedly.

2. Gadget Threatened Banned

It turns out that after searching on the internet browser there is some information that states that downloading modified applications is prone to being detected by the Google Play Store so that your cellphone will be banned. What loss did you get? You will have difficulty even being able to no longer access some of the Google features provided.

3. Disadvantaging Official App Maker

In addition to the 2 disadvantages that we get, it turns out that the emergence of this mod application is also very detrimental to the developers themselves. Because this developer certainly doesn’t promote his application for free on the PlayStore, even the material and time for making the application, which takes a long time to make it, is suddenly stolen at will and is profitable for certain parties.

Advantages of the Mod Apk Maker

The advantages or modes of making this mod apk vary, some of which want to damage people’s device systems, steal important data, make profits from ad inserts. Even the most viral thing right now is deliberately creating mod application content on the youtube platform so that the income comes from Google Adsense.


Those are the 3 disadvantages that you must know who like to download modified applications. If you haven’t experienced any losses yet, then it’s possible that a few days later you’ll see it so you have to be careful, friend!

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