5 Safe Tips to Buy Cellphones Online

5 Safe Tips to Buy Cellphones Online

Santosolution.com – In today’s digital era, it is very helpful for many people, especially the emergence of an online market that can make it easier for every individual to buy without having to leave the house at all.

Buying items that are quite expensive, one of which is a gadget / cellphone, it is very important to always remain careful and alert. Why? Because until this moment there are still a lot of people who are not responsible / commit fraud.

Therefore, this article will discuss some 7 safe tips that you should know to avoid fraud when buying cellphones online.

1. Shop on Official Sites/Apps

The first tip that you should know is that it is better to buy a cellphone on a site or application that is already well-known and official. You can find this information through the internet for recommendations for official marketplace places to buy online.

But nowadays, who doesn’t know an official and safe online selling application? We recommend buying it at Shopee, Tokopedia, Blibli, Lazada, which have been known for quite a long time and their credibility is quite reliable in this community.

2. Recognize Seller Popularity/Reputation

The second tip, you must know the reputation of the seller/store before placing an order. There are many things that are important for you to know.

  • First, look at the average sales of each product they sell, if it reaches hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands then It’s okay!. That means the store is trusted, the proof is that many have subscribed and are selling well.
  • Second, look at the age since when the shop was created and how many followers the seller’s shop has. This is of course very important to know that this seller has really been around for a long time, this can also increase the confidence of potential consumers.
  • Third, pay attention to the full address of the HP shop owner. A trusted seller certainly shows important information including the complete store address, email, cellphone number and other information.
  • Fourth, it is recommended to buy it at an official cellphone store. For example, if you want to buy a Samsung brand cellphone, the best thing is at the original store, namely Samsung itself, as well as other brands.
  • Fifth, look for the best cellphone store reviews on the youtube platform or on trusted article sites to be more sure that the seller is trusted.
  • Finally, try to contact the store if the response is fast and professional, that’s a plus for good trust.

3. Check the price and description of the cellphone

When you want to buy a cellphone, especially online, don’t be tempted by cheap prices, either through Facebook, websites, advertisements and even trusted applications. You have to be smart to know the market price and don’t be easily tempted by unreasonable discounts. That’s the first point you should know.

Then the second point is to read the description of the cellphone being sold. Please read first / study on google about the full specifications of brand A cellphones then match them with the descriptions listed.

4. Read Consumer Ratings

If you decide to buy on the Shopee marketplace, Tokopedia and other types, it’s very important to check some of the ratings written by consumers who have bought the cellphone.

If there are some consumer ratings that are not good, it is better for you to withdraw the intention to buy a cellphone at the store in question.

5. Choose Payment Method

There are many online marketplaces that offer various types of payments that we can make. However, the best way you can choose is the cash on delivery (COD) system to ensure that the goods will arrive first before being paid for. Unless you buy a cellphone on the official website, you are sure that there is no suspicion at all.


These tips actually don’t only apply to buying cellphones but other products that are quite expensive or cheap. These tips are solely to avoid fraud.

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