5 Rarely Known Facebook Tricks for 2022

5 Rarely Known Facebook Tricks for 2022

Santosolusi.com – The Facebook application made by Mark Zuckerberg has had many positive impacts on the nation’s generation. In fact, the average person uses Facebook to run a marketing business, promote services, build branding and even make money via Facebook.

Thanks to technology, Facebook has become even more brilliant, which was originally just a place to communicate, and now we can sell, shop, watch movies, create communities and so on. The features/tools provided are also very complete and free to use. There are even some features that people rarely know about and maybe you are one of them.

How come? For that, Santosolusi will share with you good Facebook tricks for you to use so that your browsing will be even more stable, friends! You can practice this trick directly through regular Facebook, Lite and the official Facebook site.

5 Rarely Used Facebook Tricks 2022

1. Disable Online Status

This first trick is still a lot of people who do not know. We can activate this when you want to be more private on social media. This means that when you are playing Facebook, people will not see the green light on your account status.

How to activate: Click the three lines in the upper right corner < Settings and Privacy < Settings < Active Status < Activate/Swipe right.

2. Extra Security

Generally, people only know that a strong account from a hacker/break-in attack comes from a password that is hard to guess. Even though the fact is that the Facebook application is a burglary range. Therefore it is very important that you use extra security by using Facebook’s two-factor authentication.

You can choose one of these extra security methods, namely using an authentication application (Facebook recommendation) or Text Message (SMS). Burglar will not be able to break into your account even if you know the password as well. read more here.

How to activate: Click the three lines in the upper right corner < Settings and Privacy < Settings < Security and Login < Use Two-Factor Authentication < Activate.

3. Remote Log Out

This trick is really required for you to use in order to avoid account breaches. Especially when logging in using a computer in an internet cafe and forgetting whether the account has been removed or not. For that you need to use the remote log out trick even if you are at home.

How to activate: Click the three lines in the upper right corner < Settings and Privacy < Settings < Security and Login < Where you Login < Select Session Login and Log Out.

4. Browse Free Websites

Facebook provides free services to users to be able to browse the website for free. The site provided is quite complete so even if you don’t have internet quota, you can really open the internet.

How to activate: Click the three lines in the top right corner < Free Basics < Choose a Free Service for you

You can access lots of free services on Facebook’s Free Basics. You can open several categories of service websites:

1. Corona Virus Information < Word Health Organization.

2. Communication < Facebook, Messenger, mFarmer, mFish.

3. Learning < Mathematics by Teachme.com, wikipedia.

4. Sports & Entertainment < Bola.net, Wattpad.

5. News & Weather < KapanLagi, Merdeka.com, The Weather Channel.

6. Girls & Girls < Springster (Girl Effect)

7. Buying and selling < kompas (news portal).

8. Job Vacancy < JobStreet.com

5. Send Empty Text

This last trick is the coolest, bro, you can send text/chat messages, post statuses, comments with empty text. Maybe some people just know that this trick is successfully applied. If you are curious, just read below:

How to use it: all you have to do is copy the blank text on the right right in the middle of this quotation mark symbol ‘ ‏‎ ‎ ‏‎ ‏‎ ‏‎ ‘ then paste it on your facebook account. You will definitely make this trick.


Those are the 5 Facebook tricks that are rarely known and used, you must try now so that your account is safe, your browsing is okay and your knowledge increases so there’s nothing wrong with sharing it on your social media so that others know the knowledge of this article.

For complete tricks on discussing Santosolusi, you can click in full to add more insight, thank you and fill in the comments column below if something is not understood.

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