3 ways to find out the owner of an unknown cellphone number

3 Ways to Know the Owner of an Unknown Mobile Number

Santosolution.com – Have you ever received a phone call or even an SMS but the phone number is unknown? I think you have, even I have personally experienced this.

Sometimes it makes me uncomfortable when a number calls many times, so I’m confused about how to find out the owner of the number without having to call back. why? Little information that criminals/fraudsters can manipulate/hypnotize victims through voice calls (telephone) so this is one of the reasons for not wanting to pick up the phone to an unknown number.

Don’t worry, Santosolution will give you 3 alternative ways to find out the name of the owner of an unknown number on your smartphone, friend! This method can help you overcome your curiosity and suspicion.

1. Use the WhatsApp Application

The first way you can do is to use the help of the WhatsApp application. The method is quite easy: you just copy the unknown phone number then save it to your device. Finally, open your whatsapp application whether the anonymous number has a Whatsapp account or not.

This method can help a little because if the caller has an account, the name of the owner can be seen. Easy isn’t it friends? But whether this works or not depends on the owner of the number.

There’s nothing wrong with trying this first method, because maybe family or friends who call, even the fraudster, you can tell!

2. Search Facebook Account

what do you mean? So the second way that we recommend is that you try to open your Facebook application, either Facebook Lite or Facebook below your cellphone, then look for a Facebook account.

This method can help because it is not uncommon for internet users to use their cellphone numbers for social media (facebook) accounts. The trick is all you have to do is copy the number and then open the Facebook application and click search for an account. Then please search for an account by cellphone number and paste the unknown number that has been copied.

If it turns out that the number is registered with one of the social media (facebook) accounts, the name of the facebook account owner of that number will appear.

The next step is to just check the biodata and chronology of the Facebook account so that you know if it’s a fraud or it turns out to be your old friend.

3. Use the Getcontact Application

Getcontact is a spam call blocker and unknown number caller identifier app. This application is quite safe for you to use because it is already available on the Playstore with users reaching 100 million+ and even getting reviews of 2 million people with an average of giving positive reviews, so it is quite safe to use.

The advantage of using this application is that we can find out who the name of the owner of the number is. Even the owner’s name can be more than 3 names based on names that are often written (tag#) by other people on their gadgets. So this is quite clearly showing the owner of the caller.

How to use it is quite easy, after installing the apk, all you have to do is open it and select the write number menu. All you have to do is wait for about 3 seconds for the name of the owner of the number to appear.

Isn’t it very easy to know the name of the owner of an unknown caller number? In addition, Santososolution will give you a little weakness in the 3 ways above, friends, so you don’t misunderstand in following the tips from santososolution.com


1. It is possible that the number registered on WA/Facebook includes parents whose cellphones may not support the internet or if the professional fraudster does not include his number on social media to hide his true identity.

2. Finally, the weakness of this application (Getcontact) is also very prominent because the application itself provides features to hide identity and number name tags. So when the perpetrator finds out about this method, you won’t know the name of the perpetrator after checking through the Getcontact application.

But there’s nothing wrong with trying the 3 methods above in case the person calling turns out to be a family or a criminal who has a little knowledge of technology, so there’s a possibility that one of the methods above will work, friends.


Those are the 3 ways to find out the owner of a caller whose number is not recognized by the version of santosolusi.com, I hope this knowledge can be useful for you. We also recommend that you use method 3 to be more accurate than the first and second methods. Thank you!

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