3 Ways to Change Whatsapp Chat Fonts Without an Application

3 Ways to Change Whatsapp Chat Fonts Without an Application

Santosolution.com – Changing the default Whatsapp font does sound quite unique because of course this is not as easy as we think. Why? Because the feature itself is not provided by the WA application.

Of course something like this might come to mind for each of you that how to change the chat font requires the help of a third party application. Even though the fact is that you don’t need any application to change the chat font yourself, friend

If you really want to know a unique way to change the WA chat font, you’re not on the wrong site anymore to read Santoso’s article this time. However, these tips or how to change the font have been viral on social media for a long time. But there’s nothing wrong with us reporting back because not everyone knows this way.

The reason we made this method is because it is known that WhatsApp application users are always increasing from year to year, so of course there are still laypeople among all of you. Come on, let’s see how to easily change the WA chat font in 2022.

3 Ways to Change Whatsapp Chat Fonts

1. Italic Fonts

What’s that? The Ilalic font is a type of italicized text. This font is indeed familiar to us because for those of you who have a laptop or have typed using Microsoft Word, either on a laptop or on a smartphone, surely you will find one of the features of this reading text, right?

How do you make friends make text chats with italic fonts for fun? The method is very easy, friends, you only need the symbol or underscore “_” on your keyboard. For example, you want to send it to your friend with the words “Hey, my friend, what are you doing! Don’t forget to drink coffee while reading the Santosolusi.com article”

All you have to do is add an underscore ” _ ” in front of and behind the text, guys! So automatically when you typed earlier, the standard WA font will change to italics. Do not believe?

2. Bold Fonts

We often find Bold font or bold text writing in various readings whose function is to highlight writing that may be important or an emphasis on the reader.

This unique font is also very easy to apply, of course, without the help of any application. This second method is no different from the first method (Italic Font). It’s just that we use the asterisk “*” to change the WhatsApp chat font to bold. Just like before the sign will be added before and at the end of the text of the sentence.

3. Strikethrough Fonts

Lastly, you can change the font that was originally standard to the Strikethrough font. What’s that? Fonts that have a stroke in the middle of the text. The way to change it is also the same, friend, you just add it in front and at the end of the sentence without “~” like this, for example ~Hey my friends, what are you doing! Don’t forget to drink coffee while reading the Santosolusi.com article ~

Benefits of Whatsapp Unique fonts

Apart from just sending unique chat texts to friends, this font is also useful for those of you who might be making assignments/businesses or making special revisions according to your needs, so does this method help?


Those are the 3 unique ways to change the default WhatsApp font without an application that you must try. Hopefully this is useful and don’t forget to read other santosolusi.com articles. Thank you!

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