3 Rarely Used Features of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

3 Rarely Used Features of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

Santosolusi.com – The Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime is a new type of J series cellphone that has market prices and is one of the top selling cellphones of its time. This 2016 mobile phone has many advantages and very attractive specifications. The advantages of this Samsung cellphone include having a screen size of 5.0 inches with qHD quality, there are 16 million colors in it, a processor with a speed of 1.4 GHz, supports 4G LTE network and others.

Users of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime cellphone are indeed for the middle-level community because the price is easy to reach and there are many features that support it.

So, friends, for those of you who are still loyal to this type of Samsung, have you been tinkering evenly in your cellphone?

3 Features of Samsung J2 Prime Rarely Used

After searching santosolusi.com for this brand of cellphone, it turns out that there are features that the users themselves may rarely know about, maybe even you are one of them! Instead of being curious, we have summarized some of the features of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime that are rarely used.

Advanced Features

In this section there are 4 features that you must know and are even very good to implement so that you can provide comfort when using your favorite cellphone. In fact, it is very likely that you will only know about it after reading the Santosolusi article.

1.Mini Phone Screen

When activating this feature, your cellphone screen display will be smaller than the original full screen and now it’s very small. How to activate is very easy, bro! Enter Settings < Advanced Features < One Hand Operation < Reduce Screen Size. Then to run this feature, all you have to do is press the front (middle) button on your cellphone screen quickly three times.

2. Snapshot/Camera Shortcut

This feature can make it easier for us to take pictures / photos without having to enter the camera application. How to enable: Go to Settings < Advanced Features < Camera Quick Launch. Then to run this feature, all you have to do is press the button with (center) of your cellphone screen quickly twice.

3. Incoming Call & SMS Alert

This feature provides codes or alerts to users when there are missed incoming calls and SMS easily. The phone will vibrate when you pick it up. How to enable: Go to Settings < Advanced Features < Smart Alert < Enable.

4. Mute Call Shortcut

You can easily turn off incoming calls and alarms that sound just by turning your Samsung J2 Prime phone over, bro! How to enable: Go to Settings < Advanced Features < Easy Silent < Activate.

Lock Screen and Security

One of the features contained on this page is very important to know because it is directly related to the security and safety of your Android files. Here you can activate the “Safe Start” feature. Its function is when your Samsung cellphone wants to be activated, the first thing you have to do is enter a special pin before Android can be used.

This can work well when your cellphone is stolen in a totally dead state so that when the thief wants to activate your cellphone, he won’t be able to access it before entering the pin that you created and installed before. Very interesting isn’t it?

The way to activate it is very easy, you just have to go to Settings < Lock Screen and Security < Safe Start < Activate.


Finally, you can use the features found on the Samsung J2 prime accessibility page, including the following:

1. Camera flash notifications

This feature helps you to find out if there are incoming notifications, so for those of you who don’t want to be uncomfortable hearing notification sounds, you can really use this unique method. How to enable: Go to Settings < Accessibility < Flash Notifications < Enable.

2. Floating Tools

If your cellphone has a problem, is it because the button doesn’t work, you can activate this feature. Lots of tools are provided, starting from the latest application, Home screen, Back, Notification panel, Cursor, Lock screen, and so on. How to enable: Go to Settings < Accessibility < Dexterity and Interaction < Assistant Menu < Enable.

3. Call Button Shortcut

This third method allows you to not have to touch the screen at all and without the hassle of sliding up or to the side. You just press the “front button” to answer an incoming call, and press the “power button” to end the call. It’s very easy to activate, you just have to go to Settings < Accessibility < Answering and Ending Calls < Activate.


How did you guys just realize that the Samsung J2 Prime has extraordinary features? Santosolusi recommends that you use it so that your cellphone is cooler and of course it can help you operate your cellphone. Thus the features of Samsung cellphones are rarely used. Thank you and don’t forget to read other tips articles.

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