15 List of Legal Online Loan Applications for 2022

15 List of Legal Online Loan Applications for 2022

Santosolusi.com – Online loan applications are very popular nowadays. A loan that can be made without many requirements and the loan processing time is not even enough for a day, the money is directly transferred to the beneficiary customer’s account.

However, you still have to be vigilant and have to check first whether the online loan service application has been registered under OJK supervision. You can read how to check legal or legal loans in the previous article.

If you are interested in making an online loan, we suggest that you don’t rush, read the terms and conditions of the loan application because each of them has different rules, even though the application is legal and safe to use.

Now you can make safe online loans and are under OJK supervision in 2022 from several lists of legal loan applications whose information comes from trusted news media.

List of Safe and Legal Online Loan Applications

1. Shopee Borrow/Sborrow

SPinjam is a product from Shopee that offers offers to Shopee users with loans of up to 12 million. You will get a loan in the form of cash to use according to your needs with an interest of 1.95%/month. Customers can pay in installments for 3 – 12 months. Read more on the official Shopee.co.id page

2. Smart Credit

Smart Credit is an online loan application that does not require special collateral for emergency situations managed by PT Credit Indonesia. This loan offers loans with a limit of up to 20 million for a maximum of 360 days/1 year with an annual interest of 11%. Read more on the official CreditPintar.com page


Julo is a credit service provider to meet the needs of every community. Interest is given at 0.1%/day with a loan limit of up to 15 million with installments for a maximum of 9 months. Read more on the official website julo.co.id

4. Indodana

Indodana is a money loan service provider by PT Artha Mandiri Investama. Loans can be up to 25 million with 0% interest for paylater installments in 1 month installments. Read more on the official website indodana.id

5. Fast Rupiah

Rupiah Fast is a money loan service provider issued by PT Kredit Utama Fintech Indonesia. Services that do not require a guarantee with a limit of up to 10 Million. The loan term in Rupiah Fast is 91 – 365 days with an interest of 24% per year. Read more on the official website rupiahcepat.co.id

We have summarized the rest in the form of a list. If you want to find facts about this loan application and other legal loans, we recommend going directly to the official website.

6. Fund – details at danain.co.id

7. KrediFazz – more at kredifazz.id

8. AdaCapital – details at adamodal.co.id

9. My Assets – more at activaku.com

10. Danamas – For more information, visit Danamas.co.id

11. Investree – more at investree.id

12. My Capital – details at modalku.co.id

13. There We – more at adakami.id

14. Pro Credit – more atcreditpro.id

15. Sharia Funds – more at danasyariah.id


Thus, 15 lists of legal and safe online loan applications for you to use to avoid fraudulent loans. If the list doesn’t suit you financially, don’t worry, there are still lots of legal loans out there.

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